About Us

Young & passionate team who wants to make apps better.

Our Philosophy

IT Solutions Solved” is and always will be, about problem-solving, as we are constantly teaching us how to be ‘good’ then better and ‘better’ than the best. We come up with new approaches to an old problem and often look at the problem differently. We’re keen to reiterate this, especially to young companies in the industry who look outside at a number of success stories and treat them as definitive answers on how to create their own user interfaces and experiences.

We can help you with

Engage with customers, get insights about your business, predict customer behavior, and build a scalable sales organization with Zoho CRM.

Personalised Apps

Your custom mobile app will match your company, not just in color, but in mentality and message as well.


Dress your existing mobile app into a new, trendy look and reach more unique users easily.

iOS & Android

Be available on both Android & iOS platforms, and cover the market that matters.

Responsive Sites

If you don't need a native mobile app, we can make a website for you that fits for all screens, including mobile.

Passion that drives us!

Whenever clients ask us how to get inspired – we always point to people themselves. Watch people as they interact with the things around them and solve problems. That’s how we do it! The team at IT Solutions Solved are experts in fixing a process or creating new strategies through good planning and lateral thinking which comes to us quite naturally.


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